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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Shaun Williams.

Sydney-based post-hardcore five-piece Isotopes have unveiled their new single, Die Alone.

Produced by Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Between You and Me) and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath), the track brings atmospheric keys before roaring into the bands signature frantic hardcore sonics. Channelling early 2000's vibes, the track touches on dark inner thoughts, and frontman Justin Miller's own relationship with self-doubt.

Speaking of the track, Miller shares: Die Alone is about the constant state of wandering into the deepest and darkest parts of your mind. For myself personally through a never-ending fear of self-doubt due to past events that has left me questioning if I'll forever be alone in this.”

The release arrives alongside an official visual, filmed, directed and edited by Colin Jeffs (Yours Truly, To Octavia, Diamond Construct). Capturing the dark lyrical content, the visual cuts between shots of the band performing, and vignettes of frightening and stressful circumstances.

“The storyline is based around each member falling into their fears, coming head-to-head with their fear,” continues Miller. “I fall victim to a past fear of drug addiction and suicidal tendencies; Josh falls victim to feeling trapped and unable to move; Hamish fears being alone; Bradley falls victim to his fear of drowning; and Ange falls into a fear of losing time. While all the narrative takes place, the performance section shows the band in a drained and almost lifeless perspective as if they are all worn down from battling their fears.”

Die Alone is out now! Watch the visual below.


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