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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Blake Lisk

South-coast based artist ioakim is following up his superb debut, Tongue Tied, with the release of his shimmering new single, swimming pools.

The nostalgia fuelled release exists within a hazy sonic realm, mesmerising listeners with bewitching guitars and synths, whilst ioakim's distinctive vocals run free. Building to a massive sing-a-long chorus, the musicians soothing vocal tones soar above intricate and considered production, creating captivating moments that simmer beneath and build a world around the musicians masterful lyricism.

"Swimming pools is about capturing the ultimate summer nostalgia. Written last year, it explores themes of love and relationships, encompassing the blissful feeling of being with someone you love. This wasn’t a literal theme for me, it was more an exaggerated / dreamt up feeling that lived in the back of my mind. Swimming pools was a way for me to look forward to summer with friends after a long winter of lockdowns." the musician shares of his latest offering.

The release arrives alongside an official visual, which of course is made complete with a swim. We meet ioakim as he strolls through a lush green field, playing a guitar that came into his possession on a road trip which he refurbished to near visual pristine condition. Before long, the musician has dived head first into the infamous swimming pool, guitar and all.

swimming pools is out now! Read our interview with ioakim here.


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