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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Two Another below!

Pop-duo Two Another recently unveiled their debut album, Back To Us. We caught up with the duo to unpack the release, their collaborative relationship, performing live and so much more!

Influenced by Pharrell Williams, feel-good beats and vivid lyricism run rampant across the body of work, with the duo documenting themes of self-acceptance, queer identity, mental health, and the hope of brighter days on the horizon. Their relatable lyricism allows for moments of contemplation, whilst also providing ease and solace that everything will be okay.

Laced with uplifting melodies, Back To Us is a feel-good collection of songs, built to uplift listeners to higher spirits, whilst also giving you a superb new soundtrack to dance the night away to. The reflective body of work intricately weaves together sonic notes of alt-pop, funk and R&B, creating a genre-bending listening experience that scintillates the earbuds. Angus Campbell's exuberant synth work unfurls beneath Eliot Porter's mesmerising vocal performance, creating a match made in euphoric heaven.

Having met in Sydney whilst in high school, Campbell and Porter's working relationship began after discovering their mutual musical tastes, which led them towards creating dance music. Now based in Europe, that move introduced the duo to sounds they'd yet to experience whilst living in Australia, leading them down a new avenue of creative exploration. Two Another have just wrapped up their Australian tour, visiting Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, performing to sold-out crowds.

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Song: Without You courtesy of Virgin Music Australia

Back To Us is out now.


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