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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Thomas Porter!

Sydney-based musician Thomas Porter recently unveiled his debut EP, Manic Pixie Dream Girl. We caught up with the musician to chat about the release, producing his own music, working with other artists and more!

Across his debut, Porter continues his exploration of bedroom-pop sonics, bringing his signature charming vocals and introspective lyricism to the body of work. The musicians captivating and smooth vocals float above spirited production, laced with memorable ukulele melodies and DIY production.

Inspired by his own life experiences, romantic comedy films and the daily barrage of media consumed, Porter presents an intriguing self-take on the collection of songs. Delving deep into his own psyche, the musician examines his own role within the demise of a relationship, and takes ownership for his own actions. His endearing performance offers up moments of sympathy, and moments we can all relate to.

Having immersed himself within musical surroundings from a young age, Porter stumbled across producing in his late teens, lured towards the technique as an avenue to follow a creative career post-high school. Having made his debut with Tired, the musician followed the release up with a string of singles, including BLUEBLUEBLUE and Wishbone, both of which had their premiere on MILKY. Porter recently co-wrote and produced singer-songwriter Hanni’s recent hit single Undermine, with the singers vocals featuring on the closing track of the musicians EP, The Things You Are Not (Part 2).

Manic Pixie Dream Girl is out now!

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Songs: The Things That You Are Not (Part 1) and BLUEBLUEBLUE courtesy of Great Company Collective


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