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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with The Clockworks below!

Made up of vocalist and guitarist James McGregor, guitarists Sean Connelly, drummer Damian Greaney and bassist Tom Freeman, Irish band The Clockworks tackle everyday issues of injustices and prejudices rife in our society within their music, scoring these themes atop a their signature punk-rock soundscapes. We had a chat to the band to unpack their new song Enough Is Never Enough and to get to know the four-piece punk-rock outfit.

Their latest offering, Enough Is Never Enough, uses vivid imagery to tell the narrative of a variety of subjects and characters, in an attempt to piece together fragments of our fractured society. These characters range from a bigoted Café owner and daydreaming buskers, to hard-pressed kitchen porters and down on their luck beggars. The tracks relentless soundscape encapsulates the severity of the issues and emotions explored, whilst maintaining melodic and captivating sonics. Signed to Alan McGee's new label, Creation 23, the four-piece crafted the track during lockdown at Unity/Aquarium Studios, Willesden, enlisting Michael Rendall on production and mixing duties, with further mastering by Nick Watson.

After meeting whilst studying at Galway NUI, the four-piece began creating together, making music from their studio space where a clock on the wall inspired their name. After living togehter in Ireland for two years, The Clockworks relocated to London in 2019 to make it big, after performing a sold-out show at their local venue, Rosin Dubh. After only three weeks of hustling in the London music scene, the band caught the attention of McGee after Connelly sent him a direct message on Instagram, which resulted in the industry heavyweight paying them a visit at their rehearsal space. Before long, McGee signed the band to Creation 23 and the rest is history.

The Clockworks are set to release their new single, Feels So Real on March 19. Enough Is Never Enough is out now. Watch our interview with the band above.


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