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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with RIIKI REID below!

New Zealand singer/songwriter RIIKI REID has shared the stunning visual for her latest single, The Dream State. We caught up with the singer whilst she was in Sydney to chat about the release, touring Australia with Budjerah and so much more!

Inspired by a dream the singer had one night during a thunderstorm, the reflective track explores the relationship between reality and our subconscious, and how dreams can provide indicators towards whats going on in our lives at a deeper level. Written and self-produced by REID, the singers hypnotic vocals float above 80's inspired beats and motifs, existing within an indie-pop meets alt-rock realm.

Co-directed by REID and Ezra Simons, the beguiling visual was conceptualised and choreographed by the singer, with the clip capturing the songs frenzied nature. Moving through a number of scenarios within a film noir sphere. Dreamy and vibrant, we follow the singer as moments from her life flow into the outcome of her dream, constantly shifting between hyper-real and captivating imagery. The visual also offers REID the chance to showcase her skills as a dancer and performer, bringing contemporary choreography to the clip.

The musical project of Raquel Abolins-Reid, RIIKI REID debuted in 2019. Since the release of High Heights, the singer has delivered a string of engaging tracks, including One Day, Share Your Luv, Good Times and In the Moment. Weaving together her Māori, Samoan and Scottish heritage throughout her tunes and the accompanying visual aesthetic of her music, REID's releases are an all encompassing creative output. This Friday, we'll be treated to the singers mini-EP, Newer Oxygen.

Watch our interview with RIIKI REID above!

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Song: The Dream State courtesy of Warner Music Australia.

The Dream State is out now!


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