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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with OXLEE!

Last month, Singer-songwriter OXLEE released his latest single, Traction. We caught up with musician via zoom, to chat about his new single 'Traction', K-POP, making music during the pandemic, Miley Cyrus and so much more!

The smooth talking track sees the singer brings his polished RnB sounds and lyrical continuing the story he began on his previous release, I Don’t Get You. Juxtaposing the heartbreak of his previous release, Traction is a self-love anthem about moving on and the wonders life can bring post-breakup. With elements of funk, the track floats upon a stellar melodic bassline with production elements influenced by Tobi Lou and Trinidad Cardona.

Exisiting between the realms of RnB, soul and alternative pop, the singer is also influenced by his love for K-POP. Traction sees OXLEE begin to flirt with K-POP sounds infused within the track. The singer plans to continue his exploration of he genre, connecting with other K-POP artists and working on collaborations. OXLEE wrote and recorded the track during the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant the singer teamed up with his collaborators who were in New Zealand and wrote the entire song over a zoom call. He also set up a home studio which has allowed him to record all his own vocals over the past several months.

With over fifty recorded songs that range from K-POP bangers to more paired back ballads, the singer hopes to release what he describes as a “funny track” within the next few months, which is sure to please any OXLEE fan who is hanging out for some new music from the pop star!

OXLEE’s soulful vocals, songwriting skills and musicianship cements the Brisbane artists place as one of Australia’s most intriguing up and coming artists. After the release of his debut single, I Wouldn’t Change , the singer began developing his signature sound, collaborating with artists and producers and across Australia and New Zealand.

Traction is out now! Watch our interview with OXLEE above.


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