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Listen to the release below!

Image: Melvs Berzamina.

Sydney based artist Hotel has unveiled his debut EP Night Swim, just in time to make your weekend soundtrack. The musical project of Andrew Tudehope, Hotel made his debut in 2020 with his acclaimed debut single, Loose Change, which received airplay across Australia, Greece, the U.K and U.S.

Produced by Tudehope alongside Joshua Pearson and William Gunns, the six track release continues the musicians melding of 70’s and 80’s influences, with notes of 90’s hip-hop. Opening with the disco-tinged Meraki, the track is all about finding enjoyment through movement, and everything that is in front of us, taking its name from the Greek word 'meraki'.

Across the body of work, Hotel delivers relatable lyricism, drenched in his his signature bewitching spoken word vocals. Eccentric and captivating, the musician explores some of the more trialing aspects of the human existence, commenting on love, wealth and status, though a conversational lens. Tudehope parades Bowie-esque phrasing in Limbo and Slow Cooking, with the latter sounding like a lost gem from Labyrinth.

Tudehope enlists TripleOne's Obi ill Terrors on two cuts, Holy Smokes and Loose Change. The former forays into new wave dance-rock whilst the pair navigate the day-to-day grind before realising the world is yours if you want it. Loose Change conceptually navigates the age old idea that money can’t buy you happiness, juxtaposed with the thought that money makes the world go round.

"Night Swim is about creating a collection of music that looks to take listeners to an introspective place through the lyrics and reflect on the parts of life which may seem overwhelming at times i.e money, relationship and the unknown and pairs these thoughts with music that looks to make your hips swing and feet tap. The contrast between message and feeling highlights the idea that when things feel overwhelming sometimes something a simple as dancing can make everything feel ok for a while" the musician shares.

Night Swims is out now!


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