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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Brianna Da Silva.

Australian artists Holly Hebe, Ivoris and Zhuli have joined forces to bring you their new track, Supervillain.

Produced by Hebe and Ivoris, the bubbly and charismatic track is built upon relaxed guitar word and dreamy production that unfurls beneath the trios mesmerising vocal unity. Born during an all-female writing camp, the song explores being painted as a villain in the eyes of others, instead of taking ownership for their own actions.

“The lyrics take that person's perspective and embrace it and embody it. We wrote this song on an all-female writing trip that Sab (Ivoris) organised earlier this year, and it’s my favourite song to come out of that experience because it was a great bonding moment for all of us!” Zhuli shares of the track.

Ivoris adds, “Alana [Zhuli], Holly and I were talking about how common it is for women to be labelled the “crazy ex” or the “bitch” when someone wants to paint themselves as the victim. So we thought it would be super fun to play on that idea, and become the villains in the story!” Hebe notes, “The mixing stage was really fun, as I was able to experiment with the blend of all of our vocals and play around with fitting in the harmonies so that our voices could all feature and be supported by each other”

The release arrives alongside an official visual, directed, shot and edited by Jordan Ruyi Blanch. We follow the trio as they enjoy a girls day, wrecking havoc around town whilst channeling animated superheroes, The Powerpuff Girls. Decked out in blue, Ivoris offers her own take on Bubbles, Hebe gives us her best Blossom and Zhuli serves Buttercup goodness.

Supervillain is out now!


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