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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Indie-pop artist Harry Bodley-Scott has shared his new single, Bad Dancing. Having made his debut in 2019 with Blood, the musician has released a slow stream of singles across the past four years that delve deeper into his indie-pop exploration.

On his latest release, Bodley-Scott has crafted a compelling track fuelled by the desire to live carefree. The anthemic cut is a call to leave behind your fears and anxieties to instead dance the night away and live like no one is watching, driven by relatable and nostalgia-tinged lyricism. “Being Yourself is not something you try to do, it’s something you let yourself do when you can stop trying to manage how you are perceived. So, Dance Badly, be yourself.” the musician shares.

Bodley-Scott's charming vocal performance beams atop a bright soundscape led by glistening guitar work and driving percussion, creating an infectiously charismatic sonic realm. With it's introspective-meets-youthful nature, Bad Dancing could fit right into any seminal coming-of-age film and soundtrack nights spent with your nearest and dearest.

Bad Dancing is out now!


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