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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Sunflowers is out now!

Image: Ian Young.

Australian indie pop artist Hannah Stow has shared her new single, Sunflowers. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY her top five touring tips.

"My girlfriend said she loved me after 3 weeks of dating and I was trying to prove to her that what she felt was lust and not love. I said, 'You know nothing about me,' and she said, 'I know your favourite colour is red, you didn't walk until you were two because everyone kept picking you up, and I don't know if they're your favourite - but I know for sure you like Sunflowers'. The moment she said that I knew it would make a catchy song." Stow shares.

"So, Sunflowers discusses the point in a relationship right after someone says 'I love you' where you're feeling like they don't know you well enough to express those emotions. It unpacks the moment you're being proven wrong as they highlight facts about you which you thought they never listened to."


Don't drink before going on stage - You're not an 80's rockstar, smoking a J and getting plastered before your set isn't cool anymore.


Remember that even when you're tired - you do this because you love it. The energy you give on stage people will mimic so connect with the audience and always be humble and grateful to have people there.


Do your best to go out afterwards and talk to and thank the people that paid to watch you!


Don't secretly mess with the gain on the IEM's, forget what you did and wonder why there is a static storm in your ears for the next 5 shows that the sound guy thinks is on their end.


And on sound guys - They are your best friends. Be polite, don't make demands and TRUST what they're doing.

Sunflowers is out now!


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