Watch the visual below!

Image: Daniel Sabouné

Australian pop-trio H3RIZON are sprinkling some Christmas cheer as we approach the holiday season! The girl group have shared their seasonal new single One More Christmas, arriving alongside a wholesome visual.

Bringing their signature sweet harmonies and soaring vocals to the track, One More Christmas is built upon a jingling soundscape that captures the festive sonics made famous by the likes of Mariah Carey and Donny Hathaway. The song offers a more bittersweet standpoint, longing to reunite with a lost loved one.

Speaking of the track, the trio share: "The incredible inspiration behind this song is our songwriter Raquelle Gracie’s bittersweet story about her late father. She shared with us that her dad passed away a few years back and that she wrote this song thinking of all the things that reminded her of him at Christmas. And just as we’d love to connect with someone we missed but couldn’t be with, she’d want one more Christmas with him. We have so much respect for her penmanship and we’re so honoured to be able to deliver her story within this song.”

The songs nostalgia drenched visual follows the trio as they encounter their younger selves and offers up three differing Christmas experiences, resembling the A Christmas Carol motif. “The video clip is based on a lot of Christmas nostalgia… being reminiscent of the past and being grateful for the memories you and your family and friends shared over the years during Christmas." H3RIZON detail. In the video, we all have a certain story with our characters and the bittersweet moments in the lives they lived. We worked really closely with the production team to be able to bring certain vulnerabilities to the storyline and really bring it to life.”

One More Christmas is out now!