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Listen to the track below!

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Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-platinum ARIA award winning Guy Sebastian has released his moving new single Antidote, teaming up with acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter Sam Fischer.

Produced by Guy alongside Grammy nominated Michael Fatkin (Natasha

Beddingfield, Jessica Mauboy, Stan Walker, Daryl Braithwaite, Tina Arena), the song is introduced with delicate piano melodies and the Sebastian's inimitable soothing vocal tones. As the track builds, Sebastian and Fischer trade lines above a swelling soundscape, creating a harmony between two male artists that is rarely seen within contemporary love ballads. Antidote builds with the addition of ethereal guitar work drum loops, building to a spiritual climax that captures the songs thematic exploration of an unconditional, life-saving love.

“Sam and I had been talking about how music had shaped – and pretty much saved – our lives from such a young age, so we made this song about music being an antidote for us. Music is that central thing that pulls me back – all the time – into this place of feeling safe and grounded. I know I’ll always have my music and will continue to share it as long as there are ears that want to hear it. The thing that excites me the most is that the listener will have their own “antidote” and make it their story. Having our fans be able to be the main character in our songs is the thing that excites me most as a songwriter.” Sebastian says of the track.

Fischer adds “Guy and I wrote Antidote together at the end of 2022. Guy got the title from a friend's vows which is so appropriate because the song is about finding the kind of love that saves you. Whether that love comes in the form of a person or a passion like music or even self-love, it's rare to find and once you do it's life-changing and saving. Also just to say, two beautiful boys singing a power ballad about all consuming love is

Late last year, Sebastian celebrated two decades of his career with performances at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt. Dubbed his 'XX Double Decade Celebration', the performances marked the anniversary of the musician winning Australian Idol at very same venue where he was crowned.

Antidote is out now!


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