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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


GUM enlisted Kevin Parker for the newly remastered editions

Image: Grant Spanier.

Multi-instrumentalist GUM has blessed us with remastered editions of his first two studio albums Delorean Highway and Glamorous Damage. The musical project of POND and Tame Impala's Jay Watson, the musician tapped Kevin Parker to helm the remastering.

The new editions come with some extra treats for GUM fans, with Delorean Highway including an exclusive bonus demo cover of Ron Davies’ It Ain’t Easy, as well as new album artwork, whilst Glamorous Damage arrives alongside a demo recording of The Plot and original album artwork by Matt Sav. Both albums will also be made available on exclusive coloured vinyl, with Delorean Highway taking on a 180g matte silver pressing, whilst Glamorous Damage is given a spin on 180g matte gold vinyl.

“I’m thrilled that these remasters are finally available,'' the musician shares. “These first two GUM albums are now much more in line with how I imagined them sounding, both digitally and on vinyl. The bonus tracks are an additional curio that while not perfect, are an interesting addition to the narratives of each record.”

“I recorded Delorean Highway and Glamorous Damage in my early 20’s. They were my first attempts at writing, recording and mixing music on my own, so while there are parts of them that I find awkward and hard to listen to, I’m also really proud of them. They’re like looking at old photos, youthful exuberance and embarrassment all at once. Finally anyone who wants to own them on vinyl can, there were only 500 copies made of each at the time they were released and they’ve been out of print for a while now.”

Whilst no Australian tour dates have been revealed, GUM will take to the stage at Desert Daze in Lake Perris, California this October. Tickets are on sale now!

Delorean Highway (Remastered) and Glamorous Damage (Remastered) are out now!


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