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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The track is set to appear on the singers forthcoming sophomore record

Image: Greta Stanley.

Singer-songwriter Greta Stanley is back with her new single, Hope It Lands. Set to appear on her forthcoming sophomore record, the track seamlessly weaves Stanley's evocative vocals with 80s power synths and captivating beats.

“I wrote Hope It Lands when I was in a low headspace and struggling to be social." Stanley shares. "It’s about a kind of longing to be this person who went out and had ‘fun’ and what might come about if I did go to parties. At the time I was feeling really lonely, but I found it hard to meet anybody or build connections because I was struggling to put myself out there. So it was this kind of alter ego view of who I’d be or what kind of night I’d have if I could have had the courage to say yes to events and step out of this comfort zone or safe zone I was in at the time."

Alongside the release comes an official visual, directed and edited by Thomas Calder. The clip sees the singer interact with a faceless human, as the visual cuts through distorted and chaotic animated visuals, ending in a sensory overload finale.

Speaking of the visual, Calder shares: “I've been wanting to work with Greta in one way or another for a long time - So it was a real privilege to be asked to lend some visual madness to her world. I wanted to create something voyeuristic and slightly unnerving, that would hopefully contribute to the overarching theme of the song itself. I was blessed with both trust and creative freedom by Greta and her team - And I can't think of a more ideal collaborator - I'm such a big fan of what she does."

Hope It Lands is out now! Watch the visual below.


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