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Whiplash is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Toronto-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist GRAE has today unveiled her debut album, Whiplash. To celebrate the release, the singer is taking MILKY through the album, track by track!

“’Whiplash was born during a time of confusion and indecisiveness. Falling in and out of love with people I thought would be in my life forever but found myself desperately trying to forget. Did I love them, hate them, want to remember them or forget them? I was drowning in the nostalgia of a past I romanticised while coming to terms with the truth of it all. The album is so back and forth in emotion, but so am I. That's how the title 'Whiplash' came to be. When you think you understand where I'm going with something, the mood changes and everything is back at square one. It's an album filled with so much self-reflection, love, heartbreak, and discovery. Just like anything I write, it was really therapeutic for me to get these feelings out. I'm looking forward to the release, as creating an album has always been my goal, and finally putting one out there is really exciting.” the singer shares of the album.


This song is about growing up and realizing things aren't what they used to be like when you were a kid. Drowning in nostalgia, you look around your room and wonder if maybe you should mature, take down the band posters, and throw out the graphic tees. It's my favourite song on the album and was emotional to write.


I wrote this song for my Dad. It's about the memories we shared after my siblings moved out and my Mom had passed away. It's a super special one for me and holds a lot of emotion.


I wrote this song when I was at the very start of a new relationship. It's about how that person made me feel 'soft' inside. Like everything was ok.


This song is about being emotionally overwhelmed. Life always feels dark, like there's this cloud over your head. Then the moment you're with your person, you realize things aren't actually all that bad. At least you have them to hold you together and be there.


Forget You was written when I romanticized a relationship I shouldn't have. It's about learning to let go of someone who no longer serves you.


I wrote this song after a breakup. Funny enough, it's about the same person I wrote 'Soft' for. How embarrassing. They weren't emotionally available and always came off as distant. Whenever I tried to call them cute names or be all 'relationshipy', they got turned off. We should've never dated. We would've made way better friends.


This track is about the initial falling in lust stage. When you think someone is so cool and you want to know everything about them.


This trippy track came about during a time of no inspiration. I had nothing to write. So we decided to create a song about nothing, from nothing, and it ended up being so cool! The lyrics can mean whatever the listener wants them to.


This song breaks my heart. I wrote it when I was feeling really down. It's about being in a relationship you don't think you should be in anymore because you don't like yourself. You need to love yourself first before you can take care of someone else, and that pain swallows you.


I wrote this song six months after I got stood up. This person I was seeing and very on/off with decided to text me months later asking for my address so they could send me a letter they wrote confessing all their feelings. I found it so funny and wrote this song to poke fun at the situation.


This is a really intimate track. I was in a new relationship and always got anxious and insecure. Did this person like me? Were they going to leave? How do I do this? I don't know how to girlfriend! So I came into the session talking about my relationship issues, and when I had mentioned, "I just don't know how to girlfriend", Willa (my writing partner) was like, that's a song!

Whiplash is out now!


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