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Listen to the release below!

Image: Jess Gleeson.

Singer-songwriter GRAACE has shared her sophomore EP, SELF PRESERVATION. Alongside the release arrives a visual for Selfish, featuring the singers all-female live band.

The self-reflective collection of songs offer insight into the singers deepest, laced with melancholic moments playing out atop organic-based sonics. GRAACE's songwriting and vocals bring a newfound maturity, as she explores love and death, and the impact of experiencing both ends of the spectrum have left on her.

“My first EP, SELF SABOTAGE, was born through a chain of events; after torturing myself and putting incredible pressure on my relationships and friendships, I turned to art to ease the pain . I lived a fast-paced life during the period, being told where to go and what to do, that I lost sight of who I was and why I loved music. I forgot why I was doing what I was doing." the singer shares of the release.

She continues, “So, after a year of feeling lost, I sat down in the mirror, wrote down the reasons why I started writing music when I was 12 and thought to myself, let's rewrite your story. This is my story of Self Preservation.”

To celebrate the release, GRAACE will take to the stage in Sydney next month, performing at Sydney's Oxford Arts Factory on March 9. The singer is also set to appear at Play on the Plains 2022 in Deniliquin on March 12, and Out Of The Woods Festival in Busselton this April. Tickets to all shows are on sale now!

SELF PRESERVATION is out now! Watch the visual below.


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