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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Harry Corcoran.

Eora / Sydney based reggae dancehall artist Gold Fang has made his solo debut with his double single release, Light It. Produced by Tom Elliot and Peter Sabbagh of Korky Buchek, the release offers up two intricately crafted cuts that capture the musicians Afrobeat and dancehall sonic exploration. On Light It, Gold Fang recalls on growing up in Trinidad, delivering a dynamic performance atop a lush Caribbean soundscape. Built upon a heavy bass line, Keep Dem solidifies the musicians reggae-influenced sound and will have you grooving along.

Speaking of the release, the musician shares: “My goal is to show that even though I’m so far from home, I’m tapped in with my culture and my roots and I know myself. I want people to not be scared to explore things other than rap or rock and to get away from the mainstream. I want people to see that you can live in Australia and be successful in reggae. You can touch people with a different genre that they’re not used to”.

The release is accompanied by an official visual for Light It, directed by Vitor Queiroz (Urthboy, Jasia). With cameos from the artists family and Blaca C of the Strides, the clip is an ode to the musicians Caribbean roots and captures the essence of Gold Fang.

"For me, the video shows that I’ll be myself anywhere. I just want people to resonate with it and see that you can be yourself in any situation. People would probably rather you be yourself. The video shows my charisma, my character, who I hang out with. The video is just real. I don’t have anyone in the video that I don’t consider family or a good friend. Everyone in the video is a day one homie that I hang out with. The video is very important in that sense as the scenes were considered, but they weren’t scripted. We told people that we were shooting but that’s all they knew. It has to be fun, it has to be normal, it has to be just what we do".

Light It is out now!


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