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Divorce is out now!

Image: Jacob McCann.

Gold-Coast band Girl and Girl have dropped their sophomore EP, Divorce. To celebrate the release, the band are taking MILKY through the release track by track!

Divorce is a maturing of the Girl and Girl sound, taking the themes, lyrics and music more seriously,” frontman Kai James explains. “Our debut was a bit of a caricature of teenage Kai, poking fun and mocking the experiences of a late teenage boy, whereas divorce tackles themes much more honestly. My folks divorce and the years that followed truly were some of the most difficult times of my life, and from it came the man I am today. I wanted to pay homage to those trials and tribulations, I wanted little Kai to feel seen and heard.”

To celebrate the release, the band will embark on a national tour, kicking off on the Sunshine Coast on September 23. The run of shows will continue on to Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Melbourne, Byron Bae, Sydney, Wollongong and Brisbane, before wrapping up on the Gold Coast on October 29. Tickets are on sale now!


This song I started to write so long ago, very near the time of my folks actual divorce. I was in a pretty terrible place at the start of writing, and a pretty good one by the end of it. The song reflects that, a slow build towards this large instrumental crescendo which you could say represents growth. The track draws inspiration from the likes of Sigur Ros and M83.


Dance Now is GAG’s first released co-write. Our ex-bassist Coby and I (Kai) wrote the track together and it’s basically a big celebration of love. It really holds this insane energy live, and is so much fun to yell and scream over.


I’d just moved to the big city and was meeting new people and doing new things. Which can be daunting at times, motivating yourself to go out and have all these new experiences. But if you set those feelings to a cowboy backing track and tell yourself ‘I will go out with strangers’, all of a sudden you find yourself at black bear lodge at 3am with a gin and tonic in each hand having the #timeofyourlife.


Garden Song speaks to the pressures of growing up, especially during that phase where you’re yet to forge your own path and identity, and you're feeling all these pressures from those around you about how to feel and how to act. The track aims to capture those strong feelings of heartache and longing that can arise during this time. Perhaps you’re still feeling like a child, or maybe those feelings of incompetence are lingering.


The conventional man does not exist, this masculine, buff, angry, tough guy is such a scam, and you can be and act however you want as a boy/man. This track is just looking in the mirror and just accepting what feels right to you.


The Divorce 1 alternate is much more accusatory, it’s reflective of a shorter time span around my folks divorce. It’s a lot of what I wish I had of said at the time.



Eleven Dive Bar - Sunshine Coast - September 23

Bonny Hills Tavern - Port Macquarie - September 30

Wickham Hotel - Newcastle - October 1

The Retreat - Melbourne - October 8

The Rails - Byron Bay - October 14

Vic On The Park - Sydney - October 22

Y&O Sundays, North Gong Hotel - Wollongong - October 23

Creepshow Festival, The Zoo - Brisbane - October 28

Creepshow Festival, Miami Marketta - Gold Coast - October 29

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