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Alone is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Eora/Sydney-based alternative-pop artist Sarah Yagki has shared her new single, Alone. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY five fun facts to give you the chance to get to know her a bit more.

"Alone is about confronting the darkest parts of your mind, with the parts that hold the most hope. It's about the duality of both wanting to keep pushing on when things get hard, and letting yourself go into your lowest state. Depending on the listener, 'Alone' acts both as a song that tries to find hope, and also a song that accepts that you are falling without a willingness to get back up." the singer shares.

Yagki has announced a string of headline shows in support of the single, kicking off in Mulubinba/Newcastle on May 11. The Alone tour will continue on to Warrang/Wollongong and Eora/Sydney. Tickets are on sale now.


I have one song that I wrote about 5 years ago that has stayed in the vault for me –

but I have always wanted to put out there. I think with this track, it’s been the longest

track that I’ve kept to myself and I’m not too sure why. I think it needs to come out at

the right time for me, and when I truly am ready to showcase it.


I was an extremely academic kid in high school. If I wasn’t doing music, I was going

to get into psychology or something around literature. I loved school, studying and

was good at it too which helps. I got on the honour roll for Advanced, Extension 1

and Extension 2 English so it’s. very fair to say anything to do with words I’ve loved.


I spent three years in my first proper place after leaving my second refuge I was

living in. It was a shoe box in terms of space, but I loved having a place that was

mine. I lived with a housemate, but lived in my room because I wasn’t comfortable or

sure about being in an open space shared with someone else yet. Safe to say, I am

now comfortable doing that as I live with another housemate and a cat, but it was a

journey to be comfortable!


I have four siblings! One brother who is 21, and one-half sister and two half-brothers

who are all 10 years and under. My siblings are a massive part of my life and have

constantly inspired me to keep pushing through my career even in the hardest of

moments. My youngest brother always sings my songs and is the absolute cutest!


I have currently five jobs I work seven days a week to support my music. All my jobs are

things I love, which makes everything a lot easier! I try to stay on top of my health

and fitness among this all to make sure despite how much I work, I am always

keeping an eye on myself and my health.

Alone is out now!


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