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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Laura Du Vé

Having released his EP Sold for Sale two months ago, and released the Christmas single It’s The Season earlier this month, Didirri announced his Victorian solo Christmas Tour. Shining some Christmas spirit on what has been quite a year, the aim of the tour will be to come together, tell stories and sing along with loved ones.

With the main focus being something that has lacked this past year, that being, human connection. Didirri says, “These last six months have been some of the only times in my life where I have been alone. Yes I’ve had people in my life but it was the first time that I have spent truly in my own company for years. I had to face, without distraction, all of my anxieties and worries for the world, in isolation. Yes again, I had communication over the Internet and in-person, but for the most part I was spending time on my own. I rediscovered what it is to be bored, and how happy boredom can make you. At some point during isolation I really found happiness in myself rather than from outside support.”

His single It’s The Season came from the acceptance of the idea that perhaps he might be spending Christmas alone, away from family, and the working through of feelings surrounding that idea. Didirri reflects, “By the end of writing It’s The Season I had accepted it. I wanted it to feel unresolved until the very end. Ending joyfully if a little bit Christmassy”.

Didirri 'It’s The Season' Regional Victorian Tour

Sunday 13th December - The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine

Friday 18th December - 170 Russell, Melbourne

Sunday 20th December - The Dart and Marlin, Warrnambool


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