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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Brianna Da Silva.

Melbourne alternative hip hop collective FREAKCLUB have dropped their new single, Gobstopper. The release arrives alongside an official monochromatic visual, directed and edited by Charles Buxton-Leslie.

Across the track, Wolf Henson's luring performance simmers atop ominous sonics, led by beguiling synth melodies and dynamic production that fuses together threads of grunge and hip-hop . Henson, Zac Sunset and Zvchvrivh vocals feed off each others fiery performances, capturing the angst and urgency present in the songs thematic standpoint.

"Gobstopper was one of those songs that we just had to make. We were fuelled by a lot of the hunger, angst and uncertainty that comes from trying to make it in music. It was those years of almost opportunities, broken promises and “We’ll keep an eye on what you’re doing”s that inspired us to make this song. There’s no hidden meaning or secret feeling, we really let this song speak for itself. From the grungy-punk inspired vocals to the screeching guitar solo, this song is very much just us being us, and hoping to inspire people to do the same." the band share.

To celebrate the release, the band will take to the stage at Melbourne's Yah Yah's in Fitzroy. Supported by Sascha Astrid and Realname, tickets are on sale now!

Gobstopper is out now!


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