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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The British punk-rockers team up with Lynks on their new single, Go Get A Tattoo.

Image: Jenny Brough

British punk-rockers Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are offering up another taste of their fourth studio album Sticky, with the release of Go Get A Tattoo. The turbo-charged track sees the duo team up with Lynks.

“Irreverent is a good word for that song,” Carter says of Go Get A Tattoo. “I'd worked my entire life to get to the point of getting a shop, and I’d finally achieved it, and I couldn’t even open the doors. So yes, when this is over, I need everyone to come and get a tattoo.”

Lynks adds; “It is bloody irreverent actually. I mean I’m literally here singing about tattoos with not a single one on my body. Am I a poser? Probably. But the song still bangs. I’m so used to singing over bleeps and bloops and shit, so when Frank coerced me into becoming a rock and roll star I was initially hesitant. But now I’m fully converted. I think I’m gonna burn the synths and invest in a Stratocaster or 2”

The release arrives alongside an official visual, directed by Thomas Davis. Starring Sean Hart, we follow an individual on his hallucinatory experience whilst receiving a tattoo from Carter himself.

Produced by guitarist Dean Richardson, Sticky is set to offer a curated collection of fiery, hard hitting tracks. Sonically entering an escapists world erupting with the suppressed energy of 2020, the album captures the everyday reality of our world, inspired by those around them and tackling themes of mental health. The release also features a number on enticing collaborations, with the duo teaming up with Joe Talbot, Lynks, Cassyette and Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie.

Carter sums the record up saying: “Someone described it to me as ‘they felt their youth’ when they were listening to the record. When you make albums, those are the ones you want to make. Nostalgic, but classic. Timeless, and also modern.”

Sticky is out October 15th. Watch the visual for Go Get A Tattoo below.


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