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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Forest Claudette below!

ARIA Award winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Forest Claudette has announced the release of their third EP, Jupiter. The news is accompanied by their new single, Gold.

The piano-led track offers a more subdued composition from Claudette, with moving string work unfurling beneath their soulful vocals. As a steady drum beat kicks in, the songs dynamic soundscape builds with the addition of a funk-fuelled bass line and captivating harmonies. Thematically, the song finds the musician acknowledges the weight and power their art holds, and respecting their creativity.

“‘Gold is a song that was revealed to me sometime after I wrote it." the musician shares. "I’m sure I was partly thinking about “success”. What it looks like and what sacrifices are made to obtain it and what the ramifications of that are. But in the context of Jupiter I see it so differently. The line “catacombs to who I was” sticks out to me and the weight I’m referring to is now the weight of honesty. Choosing to share who I am with people because I know I’m not unique in my experiences so there must be people in the world that feel like I’ve felt when it comes to their identity."

They add, "Now the song is about growing, shedding skin and evolving. Letting go of the fear I had of making this project. Paying respect to the weight I have been given, the burdens of life. And the sense that that feeling is invaluable.”

Having just taken to the stage at SXSW in Austin, Claudette will perform in Los Angeles and Brooklyn in North America next month, before heading to Denmark and the United Kingdom. The musician will then return home to take to the stage at VIVID Live, What's Golden and Open Season.

Jupiter is out May 3. Listen to Gold below.


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