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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: James Caswell.

Brisbane-based six-piece First Beige are back with a brand new track, weaving together nu-jazz, funk and electronica on BBL. The vibrant track sees the group bring their signature silky harmonies and captivating sonics, atop an intricate, dance-floor ready arrangement. The soundtrack to your next night of boogieing, BBL brings feel-good vibes that is all about that self-confidence.

Speaking of the track, band member David Versace shares: "I really wanted to write something with this melody that I kept hearing in my head. I had a mood in mind and wanted to combine the two to create a kind of cassette boogie vibe, something fun and playful. It started out as that first keyboard loop motif and went from there. After most of the track was down I got my girlfriend to sing a few harmonies to thicken up the mix. We then tracked drums and added in a few synthy sprinkles over at the Borg Loft where the final mix was done. Lyrically the song comes from a place of feeling confident in your abilities and the path you find yourself on. It has that dance party mood that brings to mind some of the best nights at our favourite club in Brisland, Black Bear Lodge. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making."

Cementing themselves as one of Australia's most eclectic, transportive and vibrant acts, the six-piece draw upon jazzy colours, textural synth layers and interwoven vocal harmonies backed by driving house rhythms. They've played alongside Mildlife, Harvey Sutherland and Winston Surfshirt, having also performed at Bigsound 2019. Last year, First Beige played euphoric slots at Laneway Festival, A Festival Called Panama and Party in the Paddock, as well as sold-out shows across Queensland which included a performance at the Tivoli Theatre.

BBL is out now!


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