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Listen to the track below!

Image: Jordan Pranic.

Australian four-piece Fever Pitch have dropped their new single, Over Again. The track marks the second release from the band, made up of guitarist and vocalist Marcus Conti, guitarist Jesse Mate-Gallo, bassist Jack Rankin and drummer Jordan Pranic.

Pivoting away from the hardcore sonics of their previous project After Touch, Fever Pitch lean into alt-rock influences and shoegaze influences, woven together within a contemporary soundscape to create an engaging listening experience. Driven by grunge-leaning guitar work, driving percussion and 808 rhythms, rich string work is intricately woven throughout whilst Conti's luring vocals float above. The track explores feeling stuck in life and wanting to break free from the repetitive cycle of life, brought to life by introspective and revelatory lyricism.

“This song is basically an overview of what it’s like to be at a dead end. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, a living situation, everyone’s reached that stage at some point in their life. When you reach that point, you find yourself stuck in this loop of wanting to get out but not being able to, needing to stay but not wanting to, and you just end up in this no-man’s-land. I think that quasi-hopeful, nearly-doomed feeling gets conveyed through the instrumentation too – the song’s pretty upbeat and energetic but it doesn’t quite reach a ‘happy’ state.” Conti shares.

To celebrate the release, Fever Pitch will join Space Boys with Crown St Militia at La La La's in Wollongong on September 8. Tickets are on sale now!

Over Again is out now!


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