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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The musician has also shared a new track, NOBODY ELSE.

Image: Khufu Najee

17-year-old singer-songwriter Evann McIntosh has treated fans with the announcement of their sophomore album, Character Development. Due out this August, the announcement is accompanied by the release of a new single, NOBODY ELSE.

Speaking of the track, McIntosh shares: “NOBODY ELSE is about commitment and being very proud of your relationship with somebody. It is about monogamy and the idea of there being one person for everybody, and that you’ve found yours.”

Character Development follows up the musicians debut body of work, MOJO, which embraced and championed the aspects of their identity that had previously brought confusion. McIntosh worked on the release with longtime collaborator Jesty Beatz, with the pair crafting the record together from different remote locations.

“This record is all about growth and change,” the musician explains. “I’m always evolving, and this album is the sound of that transformation, of one version of myself giving way to the next.”

NOBODY ELSE is out now! Character Development is out August 27


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