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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Running Through The Dark is out now!

Image: Megan Li.

Melbourne producer Soft Powder recently returned with his new single, Running Through The Dark. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five essential albums he can't live without!

“Running Through The Dark echoes those moments when your mind spins, everything’s a blur, and it feels like you’re spiraling out of control. It’s about frantically searching for a “spark” to make the anxiety disappear, despite not knowing when or where this “spark” will present itself. It’s about becoming obsessed with this idea of momentary relief.” the producer shares of the track.


Everything from the songwriting to the production on ‘Treasure’ is perfect and completely unique. ‘Treasure’ showcases Cocteau Twins’ best elements, and it takes you through so many different emotions and moods; it’s jovial, haunting, comforting and somber all at once. I remember watching a live video of the Cocteau Twins playing ‘Pandora’ when I was younger, and they weren’t performing with a live drummer and I thought it was just so cool. This album continues to influence many aspects of my music, mainly in the way that I try to convey emotion and my approach to creating an atmosphere through layering textures. I always try to emulate their drum machine sound but it never sounds the same. Every time I listen to ‘Treasure’ I hear something I haven’t heard before.


I’m a long time fan of the Rites of Spring band members’ other work (eg. Minor Threat and Fugazi), but the Rites of Spring songs particularly resonate with me because I’m drawn to the way they are energetic and chaotic, whilst unapologetically emotional and vulnerable at the same time. The lyrics on this album hit really close to home and Guy Piccioto’s manic guitar riffs make me want to bounce off the walls. Although it’s sonically very different to the music I’m currently making, I think there are still some similarities in angsty energy and ethos of the songs.


I was in my late teens when I first heard this album, and it came out at a time when I was properly exploring music that didn’t just contain guitars and drums haha. ‘Bloom’ makes me feel calm and curious and I love every song within it. Every time I listen to it even now it feels like I’m listening to it for the first time, but with a distinct familiarity - that’s how I felt the very first time I listened to it as well. This album also kind of introduced me to the idea of repetition in songwriting, and creating tension and dynamics using layers and textures rather than just “playing louder”.


This album makes me feel completely alone and it helps me think clearly when I need to. It has an overwhelmingly isolating quality and it’s one of the albums I can listen to if I need to refocus my mind. Musically, the songs are infectious and catchy, whilst somehow managing to be ambient and spacious, and menacing all at once. It has a punk energy to it which I think resonates with me. It’s the ultimate introspective record and it’s pretty much pure escapism for me haha. This one is an album I can’t live without because it’s my “get out of jail free” card when I need to escape my mind.


This is another album that I can listen to in any situation or mood. I’ve had ‘Ambient 1: Music For Airports’ playing when I’ve been writing essays, when I’ve been doing long overnight drives, when I’ve been on a plane, and when I've been getting ready to perform. Every time I listen to this album it baffles me how simple it sounds, but how complex it actually is, and I’ve tried so many times to create the ‘2/2’ synth sound on my Juno 106. I’d imagine if I was stranded on an island and I found a walkman with only this CD in it, I’d be content because it’s a completely relaxing and reflective collection of songs.

Running Through The Dark is out now!


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