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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jack McKain.

Singer-songwriter Emmit Fenn has unveiled another taste of his upcoming record, with his new single, Until We Leave The Ground. Taken from the musicians his forthcoming LP, Far From Here, the track is set to appear in Netflix's 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever' from 12th February, the third and final film in the series.

Once again showcasing the musicians raw and vulnerable vocals, the track navigates the remaining feelings after a relationship ends. Set to a shimmering soundscape, the release continues to paint the picture for Fenn's upcoming record,setting the tone for the theme of escapism seen throughout the LP.

Speaking of the track, Fenn shares: “It’s always strange writing a song for someone you're in a relationship with and then when the song finally comes out, you're not with them anymore. 'Until We Leave The Ground' is one of those songs. It’s such a stamp in time for me that every time I listen it now, it brings me right back to that moment and I can’t help but smile.”

Set for release this April, Far From Here is the debut album from Fenn. Speaking of the release, the musician shares: “I think a lot of artists find themselves in a certain lane early on and feel like they need to stick with it their whole career, but constantly creating different things is something that has always excited me and something I will always do. Each song on the album brings something new, something different, and ‘Edge Of The Dark’ is no different.”

Fenn has produced for artists such as Lolo Zouai, Yuna, Ry X, Shallou and Vic Mensa, with one of his biggest collaborations being with pop phenomenon Billie Eilish. The musician co-wrote and co-produced Eilish's 2017 track, bitches broken hearts.

Far From Here is out this April! Listen to Until We Leave The Ground below.


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