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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to their new single, Fired Up, below!

Image: Yasmin Suteja. Collage: Michelle Vincze

Australian dance-punk trio DZ Deathrays have announced the release of their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Positive Rising: Part 2. The follow up to 2019’s Positive Rising: Part 1 will drop mid-2021, with the band sharing a new track, Fired Up.

With Part 1 recorded in Los Angeles, the trio, made up of Shane Parsons, Simon Ridley and Lachlan Ewbank, returned home to record Part 2 in late 2019. The move prompted a tonal shift between the two records, both produced by Miro Mackie. Part 2 is moodier, drawing the outline of an apocalyptic scene which sees the band removing themselves and viewing the world through a new perspective. Designed as two halves that come together to create one record, the record is intended the two parts be listened to from start to finish. The albums artworks when joined create a yin and yang, a full spectrum of the Positive rising existence.

Their new track, Fired Up, has gone through fifteen variations before arriving at the song we hear today. Finding its creation challenging, Ridley shares: “… basically at some point Shane (Parsons) just turned ‘Fired Up’ into a big stadium-rocking-Bruce Springsteen-style-anthem and I guess that’s when we knew what we were dealing with”. The release is accompanied by a trippy animated video directed by Thomas Rawle.

Fired Up is out now! Watch the music video below.


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