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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Glitter is out now!

Image: Nikita Oliver.

Meanjin-based outfit Dusty have unveiled their debut EP, Glitter. To celebrate the release, the band are taking MILKY through the release track by track!

“The EP really shows how our sound as a band has progressed since our first release,” says drummer Willow Giles. “They’re super relatable songs; whether you’re screaming along in the car, having a much needed cry or letting loose on the dance floor. There’s something for everyone!”

“When I started Dusty I didn’t just want to make music with the band, I wanted to be a family and to be there for each other in life, not just the music industry,” front woman Annie Newcombe adds. “I am so proud of the songs we have created together but the thing that is most important to me is that when I listen to the EP I think about how the music led us to become a family.”

Dusty are set to make their live debut at Fortitude Valley's Tomcat on November 5 for an exclusive EP launch show. Supported by Fomi, Betty Taylor and a DJ set from Connor Brooker (Bugs), tickets are on sale now!


A real upbeat and relatable track for anyone who’s had to cut off a shitty friend. We were able to turn a not-so-awesome experience into a pretty awesome, head-bopping song!


This song turned a traumatic experience into a memorable and groovy tune. With an emotional bridge section and stop-starts at each chorus, the track goes through highs and lows that listeners can easily vibe along to.


The “cry-along-to” track of the EP that will tug at your heartstrings. Even though it’s set in a major key, the melody really carries the message of the sentimental lyrics and sends you into a calm but saddened state.


This song mirrors the feelings of anxiety through its upbeat tempo and super-relatable lyrics, which is a common theme in Dusty’s music. Having anxiety isn’t the greatest of things, but this song turns those feelings around with its “dance-around-in-your-room” vibe.


A real kicker of a tune, this song is full of drama, attitude and tension that will have you bopping your whole body along to. Be sure to keep an ear out for a certain someone’s vocal solo


Possibly Dusty’s vibe-iest song with hard-hitting lyrics and rock-out tones. A must-add to your “songs to scream in the car” playlist!

Glitter is out now!


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