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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist Dugong Jr has dropped his new track, On My Own. The song is the latest taste of the musicians upcoming EP release, Pleasure Principle.

Starting with an arpeggiating bassline, the musician began building upon the track, teasing out different sounds to create the song. “The track had such a melancholy feel to it until I added in the piano chords, and then all of a sudden it was kind of straddling a line between a chilled out house track and a late-night R&B track.” Dugong Jr explains. “ I guess if you had to describe the sound palette, the vibe I was going for was to create my own interpretation of a track that sits in a space somewhere between Kanye’s 'Flashing Lights' and Sade’s 'No Ordinary Love’.”

The track was selected as a winner in triple j Unearthed’s: Annual NIDA Music Video competition. Created by T.A Burg & Zoë Hollyoak, the video was created by a team of NIDA students and graduates including Hollyoak, Burg, Rachel Gammel, Samual McEwen, Thomas Dicker, Morgan Moroney, Mali Tauro-Cesca, Isaac Barron, Amanda Torrisi, Tess Healy, Zachary Portelli, Parker Dent-McClean, Tara Hillier, Ochre Pastro and Hannah Yardley.

Of the experience, the musician shared “A couple of weeks after I had submitted the track for the comp, I got a call from an unknown number thinking it would be a telemarketer, but it was Tommy Faith letting me know that I’d won! I was soo surprised and humbled, working with the team at NIDA to create this music video has been such a great process, and I’m super excited for everyone to see that video.”

On My Own is out now! Watch the music video below.


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