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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Adam Alonzo

Nashville singer-songwriter Dreamer Boy is making his return with the announcement of his sophomore record, All The Ways We Are Together. The musician has also unveiled a taste of the record, sharing his new single Easier Said Than Done.

The Musial project of Zach Taylor, Dreamer Boy brings the ‘80s-indebted drums to the song, encouraging listeners to seek the comfort of loved ones when times get tough. The ethereal melodies, delicate timbre and empathetic lyrics are a common thread woven within All The Ways We Are Together, with the record set to drop on Earth Day, a date closed by Taylor to reflect the global communal spirit he feels with people and our shared environment.

Speaking of Easier Said Than Done, the musician shares: “I wrote it when I was at a low point and the song represents the voice of a friend who is helping you through a hard time. We have to lean on one another in this life and remind each other who we are and what matters. I needed to be reminded I couldn’t hold the weight on my own shoulders, and that having friends to help bear our burdens is a beautiful part of life.”

The release is accompanied by a visual, directed by Zachary Arthur Taylor. The music video features some of Taylor's friends, whilst he and his band perform the track.“With the video,” he adds, “I simply wanted to put some of my friends on camera, highlight the people who have made me feel lighter this past year. Once we realize we are not alone, we are free to run, and I hope everyone has that encouragement in their life. Sometimes getting out of the rut is as simple as taking one step. When you don’t know where to begin, begin anywhere."

All The Ways We Are Together is out April 22! Watch the music video for Easier Said Than Done below.


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