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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their new single Halloween is out now!

Image: Supplied.

London-based four-piece Delaire The Liar have dropped their new track, Halloween. To celebrate the release, the band have shared their Top 5 emerging artists with MILKY!

Without further adieu, here are Puppy's Top 5 emerging artists...


Plastics are such a fucking good hardcore punk band from Brighton UK, their vocalist Oli delivers these super aggressive vocals drenched in lush reverb and the riffs are super effective, hard, Trash Talk-esque. They’ve got all the energy of late 80’s/90’s New York hardcore with better production and relatable, pertinent lyricism. Would highly recommend Blue Mould off their EP Plastic World. Just ends with a sick breakdown and Oli doing this manic laughing over the top of it, fuckin nails.


I’ve known Ill-Informed for a good few years now and it’s amazing how much their sound has progressed. When I first saw them play, they were this mad energetic punk band, their vocalist Laura climbed up onto the roof of the pub they were playing! They’ve really homed in on what is a super tight, visceral brand of hardcore now without losing any of that energy. One of their most recent singles Void has an actually terrifying breakdown at the end of it! I honestly think they’re one of the most underrated hardcore bands in the UK right now. I’ve been lucky enough to have a listen to some of their new demos though and I doubt that will be the case for much longer.


ITYIWEY are the absolute best, thoughtful and beautifully crafted emo songs that explore a range of themes from being a teenager getting hammered in a field to the nuances of mental health, struggling with your masculinity and finding comfort and support in the LGBTQIA+ community. They draw on such an eclectic range of styles housed under the ‘alternative’ roof and execute it all so perfectly. A truly wonderful band made up of exemplary people. Can’t recommend listening to their entire discography enough, but in particular Greek Fire from their debut LP Oh Dearism is a fucking eight-and-a-half-minute hit.


If you’re into feel good punk rock with some v relatable lyrics that tackle apathy, despondence, and the guilt of living at your parents’ house trying to make art and music, then Out Of Love are the band for you, these guys haven’t been able to play a show yet because of the global pandemic but boy oh BOY when they do, you can catch me aggressively pointing my finger at the stage and crowd surfing until I inevitably get dropped on my head and die. Tbh I wouldn’t want to go out any other way.


Only came across this band recently but they’re right up my street. Wicked post-hardcore/punk three piece. The vocal styling reminds me of early Single Mothers - ‘Negative Qualities’ and the lyrics are blunt and concise. It’s got influences of post-hardcore and then drifts into this post-punk/shoegaze dreaminess, really very good and nice.

Halloween is out now! Listen to the song below.


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