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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Brae Fisher of Dear Seattle!

Having just wrapped up a mammoth east coast tour, indie-rockers Dear Seattle have announced the release of their sophomore album, Someday, set to arrive this June. Alongside the announcement, the band have shared a new taste of the record with Feel The Weight.

On their latest offering, the band are saying goodbye to self-sabotage, capturing the rollercoaster of emotions that comes alongside pressure, criticism and anxiety. With blazing guitar lines and catchy sing-a-long melodies, the song is sure to become a staple in the bands energetic live set. "This song is a reminder that we can always use a brain cleanse. You can see a lot of joy in this world, and it’s much easier to see when you clean the lens you’re looking through." the band share of Feel The Weight.

“It's aspirational and has this feeling of hope for being better someday. But at the same time, it shines a light on how myself and the band have often caught ourselves living too much in the future “someday” and not enough in the present.” Fisher shares of the album.

He adds: “The process of wading through your own struggles and crap is also bittersweet because you need to go through some really heavy stuff, but when you push through that you come out more aware, responsible and accountable for your habits and tendencies and ultimately feeling lighter and better on the other side.”

Having formed in 2013, Dear Seattle have carved their own path within the Australian music industry, releasing their debut EP Words Are Often Useless months after their formation. Since then, the band have dropped their self-titled sophomore EP and much loved debut album, 2019's Don't Let Go. Fisher revealed to MILKY the band are set to unveil their hotly anticipated sophomore record this year, with Way Out serving as a teaser for a year of new music and live shows.

Watch our interview with Brae Fisher of Dear Seattle above!


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