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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Third Eye Visuals.

Brisbane-based post-hardcore quartet Deadlights have made their return with their new single, Born Of A Lie. The track is set to feature on their freshly announced sophomore record The Uncanny Valley.

Roaring open with distorted guitar riffs, discordant harmonics and frontman Dylan Davidson's commanding vocals, the tracks frenetic drums set the stage for the songs engrossing lyricism. The song explores finding our place in world, looking for meaning and hope that our momentary time on earth means something more. Building to a crescendo, the song takes a turn in the breakdown before its final chorus takes over.

“’Born of a Lie’ at its heart is a song about my longing for purpose in the modern world. It's my way of fighting the feeling of existential dread and hoping that my life is more than just a blip in time and space. Much like how religion is some peoples perch from which they view the world, modern technology is ours. The song stabs at organised religion and its hold over me in the past and then discusses how the need for constant validation from tech has merely replaced the need to feel like we are doing right by our god. Our new god fits in the palm of our hands and has been perfectly weaponised to control what we do and why we do it.”

The track is accompanied by an official visual, shot by Third Eye Visuals. We see the band take over a Brisbane church, perfomrming the track whilst cut-in shots conjure images of an incoming apocalypse. Co-vocalist Tynan Reibelt explains, “we physically built the robot seen in the clip out of a TV, 200m of cable and scraps found around the place, then mounted a 3D printed head on it. It stood 6ft tall and is not CGI. It looks menacing and holds a human brain in its hand to symbolise its control over us.”

Born Of A Lie is out now! Watch the music video below.


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