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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


His new album People In Motion is out October 7!

Image: Dana Trippe.

Texan songwriter-producer Dayglow has shared a new taste of his forthcoming album, People In Motion, with the release of his brand new track, Deep End.

Serving up a slice of alt-pop goodness, Deep End is laced with infectious melodies and bright sonic notes that burst with feel-good energy. Engaging synth work simmers beneath the musicians captivating vocals, as he explores taking risks in life and going for what you want. The release arrives alongside a vibrant visual, directed by Drew Tyndell

"Making Deep End was a really revitalizing experience for me. I had just gotten a vintage synth called an Oberheim Matrix 6, and was just having fun messing with the sounds it could make. I wasn’t giving myself any restrictions or confines of what “sound” I was going for: I was just using my imagination and trying to make something that felt good and free". He adds, "Deep End felt clean and poppy yet really raw in a strange way. I love electronic/dance music that feels “human” and “alive”— it’s such a treacherous challenge to accomplish, yet I feel like this song made the magic happen, and opened a door to the world that would become People in Motion. I’m still making all of these songs by myself in a spare bedroom in my house, yet something about this album just feels bigger than me and so expansive in a creative sense".

People In Motion is out October 7.


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