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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The musicians forthcoming album will arrive this June!

Image: Nikoli Partiveli

Day Wave is back, sharing his new single Pastlife. The musical project of singer and instrumentalist Jackson Phillips, the song serves as the title track of the musicians forthcoming album, due out this June.

Throughout the track, the musician recalls on moments passed and longs to be reunited with a past flame. Documenting the hurt and emotions following a relationships demise, and feelings of longing, Phillips’ captivating vocals flow above textural sonics that bring together dream-pop and indie-rock sonic notes.

Speaking of the release, Phillips shares: I think of Pastlife as the thesis statement for this record, because the overall theme is reminiscing on past chapters in my life. I have so many eras from my past that I miss, and so many friends left behind in those times. I wonder if they ever think of those times the way I do.”

Pastlife is out June 24. Listen to the song below.


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