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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The announcement is accompanied by the release of his new single, You Were A Mirage.

Image: Supplied.

Musician Davey Lane has announced the release of his third record, Don’t Bank Your Heart On It. Due out next month, the concept record is set to explore the ebbs and flows of life, taking twists and turns throughout.

Don’t Bank Your Heart On It is set to feature a variety of some of Davey’s favourite artists, performing alongside him. The extensive collaborator list for the record includes Vika & Linda Bull, Todd Rundgren, Tim Rogers, The Living End’s Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson of Grinspoon, Tommy Stinson of The Replacements, Robyn Hitchcock, All Our Exes Live in Texas vocalist Georgia Mooney, Mark Wilson from Jet and King Gizzard’s Stu MacKenzie. Needless to say, the record is set to be epic!

Alongside the announcement, Lane shares the first single from the record, You Were A Mirage. The deeply personal and cinematic track finds its conceptual standpoint with the realisation that someone you’d grown close to was never who they appeared to be. The song is an indication of the themes explored on the record; lost love and moving on, pain, guilt and the toxicity of relationships, closing with themes of acceptance and hope.

Throughout his career, Lane has been honing in on his craft, sharing the stage and studio with artists including Crowded House, Jimmy Barnes, Robyn Hitchcock, Todd Rundgren, Masters’ Apprentices, The Saints and Australian rock group You Am I, of which many has been a member of since 1999.

Don’t Bank Your Heart On It is out November 13. Watch the music video for You Were A Mirage below.


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