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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied

Internet sensation Curtis Waters has today revealed a softer side to his artistry with the release of The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same.

The song navigates life as a young adult in the modern world, whilst also referencing his own mental health struggles, managing his bi-polar disorder. The track is also a thank you and an apology letter to Waters’ college friend, whom he shared a relationship with.

The singer candidly revealed, "I wrote this song about a close friend of mine that I was seeing in college. I wrote it after I dropped out of college because of my own health issues. I stopped talking to everybody and couldn’t message her anymore but I wanted to say thank you, and sorry. I knew I was getting sick and I secretly knew I was dropping out of college soon. The last night we saw each other I planned a really special date. I wrote her a letter, I bought her flowers and chocolates and I took her to a movie. It was supposed to be really romantic but I was on a lot of medication for my bi-polar and they made me really sick so I couldn’t even watch the movie, I just kept throwing up in the bath room all night.

Of the song, Waters continued, “The song is a bittersweet thank you/apology letter that I wish I could say to her face. I wrote it hoping she would be curious enough to search me up and listen to my song about her and understand what happened and how I felt about the situation.”

Waters rose to fame with his debut single Stunnin. The viral track has garnered over 80 million plays, with over 50 million streams on Spotify. The song became popular on social media platform Tik Tok, where it is featured in over 533K user-generated videos.

The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same is out now! The music video for the track will premiere on YouTube tomorrow. Listen to the track below!


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