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Watch our interview with Jack Voegt below!

Ahead of its screening at Studio Killa as part of Veer East's 'Aphrodite' event series this Thursday, we sat down with writer, actor and director, Jack Voegt to unpack his new short film with Praxis Pictures, tint..

Having premiered at Sydney Underground Film Festival earlier this month, where it took home the Audience Choice Award, tint. follows Lance (played by Voegt) as he investigates the complexity of emotions that follow a personal violation. This exploration of idiosyncratic moments that are seldom captured within mainstream film and media allows for contemplation, posing conscientious questions to challenge the audience whilst presenting a naturalistic-meets-pseudo-surreal take on a specific Black experience.

Led by Voegt's nuanced performance, the short films tangible energy shines through its direction and layered thematic exploration. Beneath the surface, tint. offers rumination on performative allyship and the fetishisation of Black people driven by real-life situations. It's subtle expressions build towards an empowering ending that cuts through the tension to provide a full-circle moment.

This Thursday, Sydney-based collective Veer East will host the fourth volume of their 'Aphrodite' series at Marrickville's Studio Killa. Alongside an exclusive screening of tint., attendees can enjoy an evening of live music and even join in on the fun and take to the stage themselves. Veer East is a queer, female lead event and talent management company. Find out more and RSVP here.

Watch our interview with Jack Voegt above!

Filming: Katerina Papathanasopoulos and Vasili Papathanasopoulos.


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