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Image: Alex Wall

The musical project of Charles Murdoch and Spencer White, COLLAR have released their debut single, Strangest Desires. The song comes from the duos debut EP of the same name, also out today.

On the track, White gives a compelling, hypnotic performance over industrial and gothic synth sounds. Creating a dark sonic soundscape, the song conceptually uncovers the underbelly of being human. Strangest Desires encapsulates the raw, dark and restless emotions of the human psyche.

When speaking of the track, COLLAR shared: “This was the second collaboration we did, and in some ways it cemented a darker direction in the music. It also really inspired and drove graphic and visual ideas that are part of the lights and effects visuals of our stage show.”

Their EP is an immersive soundscape of the dance between Murdoch’s impeccable production and White’s yearning lyricism and powerful vocals. The remaining tracks on the release create tension and incite feelings go an electrifying dystopian rave. They give light to the darker content explores, driving the the overall theme of finding comfort in our unrest.

Strangest Desires is out now! Listen to the track below.

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