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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Nick Maguire

On the pared back version of her new single Sugar, Australian musician Clea captivates listeners with her soaring vocals. Accompanied by her partner and producer Alistar Richardson, the track was originally written earlier this year during Australia’s catastrophic bushfire season.

“I was overcome with emotion and felt the strongest desire to cower and crawl in the corner. It is the nature of humans turning a blind eye to a situation to save oneself of hurt, but in this instance there was truly no way of hiding,” Clea explains.

Filmed by Nick Maguire, the simplistic clip was filmed in Clea and Richardson;s self-built studio. The straightforward casual offers an intimate view into the world the duo create their music in. A warm and inviting studio surrounded by wood, white and natural light.

Sugar is out now! Watch the acoustic music video below.


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