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Listen to Escape below!

Image: Tom Wilkinson.

Rising artist Clara Fable has dropped her new single, Escape. The track was shortlisted by the Industry Panel at APRA’s High Score conference.

Inspired by breaking free of the confines she found placed upon her as a pop singer, Escape heralds in a new sonic exploration for Fable that pushes the boundaries of her previous releases. Produced by Jaysounds and co-written with James Saaib, Fable began working on the track within the midst of lockdown, a time that inspired the conceptual nature of the track. Tackling her own anxieties and emotions that rose during isolation periods due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fable’s mesmerising vocals float above atmospheric drones that build into a dark dance floor banger that will have you dancing the night away.

Speaking of the track and her wider approach to creating, the singer shares: "I really struggle with colouring within the lines, people kept telling me I have to make music a certain way or work with certain people and I just want to have fun and take the scenic route on this musical journey, stopping along the way at weird sub genres and trying new things, it might not all work but that’s part of becoming a better artist.."

Having worked alongside Odesza, John Espy (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), Lenny Pearce (Rumor / Justice Crew), Matt Sofo, Fable made her debut as an artist in her own right last year with Cherry Ripe. Keeping a busy schedule, Fable is set to reprise her role as Vyper in the upcoming national Dracula’s Resurrection tour and is also set to perform at the Brisbane leg of Torch Fest 2022.

Escape is out now!


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