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All I Need is out now!

Image: Deadend Visuals.

Adelaide’s Choosing Sides recently dropped their new EP, All I Need. If you're loving the release and want some insight into each track, we've got you covered! The four-piece have treated MILKY, taking us through the EP track by track.


I wrote Impulsive after being constantly let down throughout the start of last year by people I considered friends. I went through a significant period of change in relationships at this point and wrote this track to vent my frustrations. Exploring how these people acted so irrationally and impulsively with every action, the song really grew to reflect the release I felt after cutting these toxic people out of my life. With no consideration from others, this is a song that can easily be related to all those impulsive people in your friendship group, school or workplace. - Will Wright

With this track we tried to blend a lot of softer ambient guitar textures with a super punchy chorus to give it as much emotion as we could. Providing a real mix of sounds and feelings throughout the track, I think it’s one of our favourite songs as a group. - Michael Wright


Piece Of Mind explores some of the growing pains which are often felt throughout adolescence. Drawing on the feelings of low self esteem and confidence which come about through highschool - the track anthemically explores the desire to become someone else and change your way of thinking to fit in with the rest. We all generally share the opinion that highschool can be a toxic place where people are forced to blend in with the rest.

This was an issue which I had struggles with throughout high school. Never knowing where I fit in - I often thought about ways in which I could change myself to be cooler and never considered that in time, I would find genuine friends who would like me for who I am. If I had decided to change my personality, my way of thinking - I wouldn’t have become who I am today and wouldn’t be in a position where I love being able to be myself around others.

Additionally this song connects with us as a band in dealing with our insecurities and allows us to be able to scream at those things which annoy us about ourselves. It is super healthy to let out our frustrations at times and the chorus of this song has allowed us to let out some steam on so many occasions.

Inspiration for this song came from a mix of late 90’s/early 2000’s alternative sounds from bands such as Stereophonics, the killers and Oasis, whilst it also draws from some modern rock vibes from the likes of Violent Soho and Franz ferdinand.

- Will Wright


This song was a child of the first lockdown in 2020. Going a little stir crazy as we all were, I started to get in my feelings and reflect on the direction of my life. As it felt we were going nowhere with no end, I really suffered with my mental health through this period. Feeling lost in life without music, without my friends, without family and without my bandmates; it really was one of the biggest challenges of my life so far. Whilst there was struggle and hurt, this experience also allowed me to rediscover how much I love my friends and family - blowing away the clouded judgement that ‘normal’ life shrouded me in.

As soon as I started writing the track and riffing over the chords, I knew this song would perfectly suit Ronan’s voice. Honestly one of (if not) Adelaide's best young talents, we’ve been wanting to work with Ronan for ages and the minute the song came together, I told the guys about the idea and they couldn’t have agreed more. It was bloody amazing to also collaborate with Peter Spiniello, an amazing local producer and lead singer of The Mondays to put the song together. Being our first time doing any real collabs on a track, it was such an engaging, fun process to work with some lovely people in a space that we mutually love.

- Will Wright


This song started with THAT bassline. I really like writing bouncy riffs and this is one of my favourite. - Will Wright

This track developed over time when we were looking for a track which would be the highlight of the moshpit. We took elements from our more Alt rock influences like Nothing but Thieves and Wolfmother to use the catchy main riff and to take the bridge in a direction we hadn’t tried before. We wrote this track in the very early stages of the band in 2019, but with production from Jarred Nettle it turned into one of our most fun tracks to play live. It’s always insane to watch what’s going on in the crowd when this one comes on. - Michael Wright


Flicker is a reflection of how we are really such a small and insignificant being in the large expanse of space and time, and that we should try to make as much of a positive impact as we can. This song came together extremely quickly in the week before recording, but is one that resonates the most with us.

Flicker came about after some personal reflection on my current situation and how fast things move in life. After watching a bunch of space doccos, it made me realise how small we actually are on this planet. The song was written to sort of highlight the craziness of life on Earth in the first half, describing how easily we get distracted and waste time on pointless things. Whilst people constantly search for satisfaction and a sense of importance, in the grand scheme of things - we are all so small and should not care as much as we do about minor issues.

I found out that if the history of the universe was put into the perspective of 24 hours - human history only lasts a few seconds, just a flicker in history. The second half of the song kind of breaks through that barrier of realisation and discusses how we are “Just a flicker in history” and whilst some people waste their flicker being self centred and selfish - we should all use this little spark to make a fire to live it up and leave our mark in the history books. Whilst this song is quite deep, I think it holds a really positive message of making the most of life, something which can be so short and fragile. Let’s spend our time working together rather than spreading hate and negativity. In short: “Lets get together to make something special with our lives, instead of living in hate and conflict - caring about things which don’t matter”

- Will Wright


This song was probably the most fluid and natural writing experience I've ever had. Inspired by a new relationship at the time, I felt like I was able to break through some hard times to feel the best i felt in about two years. As soon as this person came into my life, it was crazy how quickly things changed. This person was all I needed at this time, providing an escape from what seemed like an endless rut.

The first song that we really collaborated on as a band. After Will brought the chords and vocals, it was such a fluid writing experience, with every member having such a significant input. As the traditional CS goodbye song during our live sets - this track means so much to us and we had to name the EP after it.

The track really encapsulates the different styles in the album, with soft reverby sections, fuzzy riffs and huge crescendos into intoxicating hooks.

- Will Wright


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