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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Check out our exclusive behind the scenes gallery from the video shoot of White Mercedes.

Image: Kyle Golly.

Australian duo Choomba have made their return with a brand new banger, White Mercedes. The release arrives alongside a bonkers visual, made complete with a vicious bunny, straight jackets and some interpretive dance. To celebrate the release, Choomba are taking MILKY behind the scenes of the video shoot, and we're bringing you along!

“We felt like this would be the perfect time to release a banging club track - things look like they are starting to open up again, the weather is getting great, people want to have a bloody good time, have a crack and listen to something that just goes off in a crowd with their mates.” the duo share of the track.

With a number of hits under their belt, and their debut EP Choomdooskins, Choomba have been changing the face of Australian dance music, one banger at a time. Fan favourites La Luh and Say It will have you out of your seat, with their latest offering serving up a dose of dance floor goodness.

White Mercedes is out now! Watch the visual below.


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