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Image: Supplied.

18-year-old musician Chloe Moriondo has announced the release of her debut album, Blood Bunny. The announcement comes alongside the release of Moriondo's new single and visual for I Eat Boys

Inspired by the queer cult classic film Jennifer’s Body, the track brings confessionally driven lyricism in which Moriondo takes control of the story. Sounding like what you might expect Disney's approach to cannibalism might be, with the singers soft vocals juxtaposing the lyrical content explored within the song.

Speaking of the release, Moriondo shares: “I’m incredibly stoked for ‘I Eat Boys’ to be out and for people to finally get as officially excited as I am for ‘Blood Bunny.’ I hope the rock chicks and lesbians will love them!!!!!”

Moriondo defines herself as an “internet kid”, bringing her relatable, confessional lyrics and idiosyncratic humour to each release. Having built up a massive fanbase already, she tackles overwhelming infatuation, listless daydreams, and first love in a way that connects with her listeners.

Blood Bunny is out May 7. Watch the video for I Eat Boys below.

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