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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Supplied.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Burg has graced us with his new single, 97 Avalon. The release arrives alongside a nostalgia drenched visual, directed by Jules Muir.

Throughout the track, Burg documents a number of experiences shared with a loved ones in his white 1997 Toyota Avalon, that he shared with his twin brother. Laced with conversational and vivid lyricism, the feel-good track brings the musicians signature boundary pushing approach to indie-rock, laced with grooving melodies. Building to a magnetic and frenzied instrumental finish, Burg took on the task of playing every instrument on the song, excluding the saxophone, further showcasing his fine musicianship skills.

97 Avalon is about my old car, and seeing it as a way to learn to let go. Each verse details a different drive in the car, with a new person in the passenger's seat, one year later than the last. I found it important for me to be the one playing every instrument (except saxophone) to convey the story from every angle possible.”

97 Avalon is out now!


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