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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Supplied.

Eora-based, multidisciplinary artist, celosiafields has unveiled their new single, The Tyrannical Skyscraper. The release is set to appear on the musicians debut album, Newletter.

Opening with delicate piano melodies, the erupts into a dreamy soundscape led by a melodic synth-sequence. A bright sonic palette unfurls as the track progresses, bringing together organic and electronic instrumentation. The songs repetitious nature is strengthened by its main motif that reoccurs throughout, atop a strong pulse fuelled by a repeated rhythmic pattern. The Tyrannical Skyscraper is accompanied by an official visual, directed by celosiafields.

Speaking of the track, celosiafields says The Tyrannical Skyscraper "explores the profound themes of modern urbanism and architecture as expressed by Frank Lloyd Wright in his seminal lectures at Princeton University in 1931."

The Tyrannical Skyscraper serves as the latest offering from the musicians forthcoming debut album, Newletter. Set to arrive later this year, the body of work became a finalist in Sydney's 2023 Environmental Art and Design Prize and was selected for Art Aviso in Victoria. The album is set to bring together a trove of genres and traverse mediums tha finds celosiafields collaborating with a number of creative indivisuals.

The Tyrannical Skyscraper is out now!


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