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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The musician has also announced his sophomore EP!

Image: Dana Jordan.

Sydney psych-pop artist Butter Bath is back with his new single, Anchor In The Clouds. The release is accompanied by the news of the musicians sophomore EP, Kurrajong Hotel, set to arrive later this year.

The musical project of Toby Anagnostis, the musicians dreamy vocals float atop glistening sonics, that continues the musicians subtle fusion of psych-pop and neo-soul. The track recalls on time spent with loved ones, brought to live by personal and vivid lyricism.

‘Music festivals are the perfect blend of my favourite ingredients - live music, human connection, nature. Through Anchor in the Clouds I reminisce on some of my fondest memories and mope about how much I miss kissing all of my friends in a sweaty crowd. The song was written, recorded and produced in my bedroom studio on Gadigal land/Sydney and is the first single from my upcoming EP.’

Growing up around music due to his fathers profession as a luthier, Anagnostis developed a lust for all things musical, mastering the drums at an early age. The musician began to develop his vocal abilities whilst also learning guitar during high school, where he also became infatuated with songwriting. Fast forward a few years to present day and Butter Bath has delivered a string of singles and an EP, Spectator.

Anchor In The Clouds is out now!


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